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Listeners of Worship and Prayer Radio have a special part in our Heart. We pray daily that God will lead us to play songs and create programming that will minister to the needs of our faithful listeners. We Thank Each Of You for supporting this Station with your prayers.

All our programming is offered free without subscription, no membership required. We Desire to Spread the Gospel to a Dying World and subscription or membership based programming would interfere with that Mission.

Worship and Prayer Radio has equipped the station with professional hardware to offer the best quality streaming to you our listener. We are very particular with the quality of our music. The studio is equipped to play music from CD, Cassette, and LP Records, as well as music obtained digitally.

There are ongoing costs associated with licensing, copyrights and royalties. We ask that you take it to God in prayer concerning financially supporting this station. However God leads we rejoice having you as a faithful listener.

The Management