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I woke early AM. Judy was sitting on the bed exhibiting signs of a a stroke. Called 911. She was transported to Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown and was rushed into a cat scan. The doctor told me she had become unresponsive and they intubated her. The cat scan showed Meningitis in the upper left portion of her brain which came from an ear infection. Spinal fluid was also infected. She was transported by helicopter to Hershey where she was put on a cluster bomb of antibiotics just trying to hit the infection with something that might work, until results from the spinal culture  came back. They did blood work every hour to determine if other organs were ok. They also imaged her heart along with a EKG to monitor heart function. The put her on continuous EEG to track brain function and inserted a sensor to give live readouts of blood pressure. The doctor came in informing me her infection was septic and was being carried by her blood throughout her body. I began thinking there was no hope.

The next days showed some improvement so at the end of the first week they tried extubating, her thinking her lungs looked good and the issue was the infection. It failed and she had to be intubated again. I prayed and told God if he would heal her I would serve him with all I had within me every day until my dying day. I took that promise very seriously and still do. I do not want to be found untruthful to God. I stood on the verse that tells us to worry about nothing. I understood that I could do nothing to make her well and began to understand anew that God knew how this would end. I needed to trust in him and not worry. I began to understand that whatever happened, I could trust God to walk with me thru it. His grace would sustain me. I determined to trust God with the outcome no matter what. I was reminded of the Greater Vision song He'd still be God. They song makes clear God being God does not depend on my circumstances. He would still be God even if he hadn't parted the Red Sea, healed the blind, healed the lame or healed Judy. His being God didn't depend on miracles he performed. He was God regardless and deserves our Worship, Admiration and Praise no matter the circumstances.

How about you? Is God only God if he always does what you want? Can you trust your God to carry you thru the difficult times and give you joy unspeakable, regardless of your circumstances? If you can’t, then He's not God but simply a genie in a bottle fulfilling your wishes and desires. In fact you are really your own God. If the God of the Bible is really your God then you will trust him with:
1. Your Salvation  2. Your circumstances whatever they may be  3. Real Joy even in the bad times when your not skipping rope.
The story goes on . . . . .
One morning early in the second week I met her doctor in the hall. He said Good,Good,Good, I Don't believe how fast she's progressing. I went up to her room. The infection diseases team was amazed how far she had come overnight. They had started reducing sedation in preparation for another attempt to exterbate her. This time it worked. The nurses asked her if she recognized me. She said yea, my old husband and gave me her crooked mischievous smile. From that time forward in the second week improvements came by leaps and bounds. She went from ICU to CCU to a Regular room in a matter of days. Went from the Infectious Diseases Doctors to Emergency Room Doctors to a Nurse Practitioner, taking the  lead. I was told her discharge was imminent as soon as the last three days of her antibiotic regimen was over. I questioned the removal of antibiotics and was told her latest cultures and blood tests were all negative as well as a cat scan that confirmed her healing. She was discharged to Menno Haven for therapy, where her amazing progress continued. She was discharged to home after only two weeks at Menno Haven.